Description: Fan-made app that allows you to customize a partner for your Tamagotchi Meets to marry and gain access to items and gotchi points immediately.

Tama Town did not create MyMeets. For questions contact 

Please note that connections can sometimes fail due to the nature of the app and technology limitations. 
If you recieve a connection failure, restart the app and try again.

**DISCLAIMER: By using this software you can potentially invalidate your data and you should NOT use the official app in combination with characters/items created by MyMeets. The author is not responsible for broken devices/data resets. BANDAI WILL BAN ACCOUNTS FOUND USING MYMEETS WITH THE OFFICIAL APP (Source: TMGC_Net Twitter)
Download MyMeets v1.1
(Includes Mimitchi Update)
 **Requirements: Bluetooth Low Energy Support OR a Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle that supports BLE and Windows 10 Creators Update
***UPDATE: If you have v1.0 you can patch to MyMeets version 1.1
To patch the app just follow these steps:
1. Click the link given and download the zipped file.
2. Extract it and replace the old asset folder with this new one.
3. Open MyMeets and *tada* you will see a lot of new items ready to be send to your Tamagotchi Meets