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App Instructions

Station Content:

These are the downloads of the Station Exclusive Content i collected during my vacation in Japan.

Just extract the content of the ZIP-Files into the assets/items/jp folder and have fun!

For the overview of what each pack contains please follow this link: Station Content List Overview

General Station Content

Kanto Region

Tokai and Beiju Region

Kansai Region


04/11/2020: Added Himebaratchi, Updated Santaclautchi.

12/08/2020: Added Hoshigiritchi.

29/04/2020: Added Maskutchi, Polibaketchi and the fixed Santaclautchi.

23/03/2020: Added Station Content: General, Kanto, Kansai, Tokai and Beiju.

09/02/2020: Added Charatchi and Mochimotchi.

15/12/2019: Fixed the exception when marrying off non-adults and re-worked the assets.

07/12/2019: Fixed the station/games bug. Also added the new item assets.

01/12/2019: Character Update: Sweets Characters, Nonopotchi, Santaclautchi, Version 2.3.1: Bug fix with Santaclautchi character loading.