April 29, 2020

More App Guest Leaks! (Spoilers)

Howdy all!
With the recent announcement that Polybaketchi is going to be the May monthly app guest (who we previously leaked here), it's time for a new round of leaked app guests!

While it's not possible to guarantee these characters will be future app guests (or when), we can confirm Bandai has recently prepared their character files and inheritable parts for use with the Meets/On app.

Below is an image of the character files for Hoshigirltchi, Shinshitchi, and Himebaratchi. You can click on their names to see their character biography on the Tama Wiki.

Thanks to @bolter.tmgc for providing the source files as proof for this leak.

Thanks to @WolfNanaki for keeping the Tama Wiki updated for us to reference to identify these characters 🙂