July 11, 2019

MyMeets Fantasy Update!

A few of the new Fantasy Characters

The MyMeets download has been updated to include the following:

This patch includes: 
Characters Fantasy
c0066 - Prince Mametchi
c0067 - Lovely Princess
c0068 - Lamp Patchi
c0069 - Arabian Melo
c0070 - Yumemi Alice
c0071 - Kirari Hatter

Items Accessories
ac10050 - Princess tiara
ac10051 - Diamond necklace
ac10052 - Turban
ac10053 - Arabian headband
ac10054 - Tokei-usa headband (Clock-rabbit/White Rabbit)
ac10055 - Trump Hat
ac10056 - Bookcase hat
ac10057 - Feather pen
ac16008 - Cow headband
ac16009 - Soba hat
ac16010 - Apple hat
ac16011 - Camel headmask
ac16018 - Dontaku hat (Hakata Dontaku Festival)
ac16062 - Yukinko hat (Snow child spirit)
ac16066 - Ehime mikan hat (Ehime-prefecture mandarin)
ac16067 - Steamed bun hat
ac16068 - Mameshibori (Dotted hat)
ac16070 - Daibutsu hat (Buddha hat)
ac16072 - Chicken cap

Many thanks to Lemon#1607 from Discord for supplying us with these file updates for the MyMeets application. As a reminder DO NOT USE MYMEETS WITH THE OFFICIAL APP.

The original creator for MyMeets is still hard at work on a larger update to the application and can be reached at the email address:

**Sanrio character files are still incomplete due to glitches found with their image files on the official app. Working files are still being explored.