April 11, 2019

MyMeets V1.1 update

Users of MyMeets,
You've received a message from the developer!

Download the app update MyMeets V1.1 for more items! The app author would like to credit Lemon#1607 of Discord with discovering the missing items.

To update the app just follow these steps:
1. Click the link given and download the zipped file.
2. Extract it and replace the old asset folder with this new one.
3. Open MyMeets and *tada* you will see a lot of new items ready to be send to your Tamagotchi Meets

Please note, there is a storage limit in Tamagotchi Meets.
Living / Wallpaper - 8
Food, Snacks - 20 per category
Toys - 23
Accessories - 16
Game - 2
Location - 2