January 24, 2020

Pac-Man x Tamagotchi Nano

One of our lovely members, @VirtuallyMarti, from the TMGC Collectors Facebook/Discord went to the London Toy Fair and got to play the pre-release of Pac-Man x Tamagotchi Nano at the Bandai booth.

The following information is from her experience, and information was given to her by employees but nothing is set in stone and subject to change.

"My first view was the Pac-Man Tamagotchi advert on a screen. I turned the corner slightly and I could see a display of them. They had the solo ones and the ones with cases. I did not get to touch or feel the case they were all sealed."

Just like the other Tamagotchi Nano, the Pac-Man Tamagotchi has the same gameplay by pressing A button where you can see either food or game on the menu.

Feeding menu

As seen in the picture, it looks like baby tamas sleep in a crib?

The mini games

"The first game was basically move up and down out of the way of ghosts. Similar to the Dolphin game on the meets/on.

The second game that sounded a bit like the P1 left/right game isnt like that thankfully. Items appear on the screen and you press the buttons to which ever side the item is on, and I believe they started appearing above pac man, and I saw ghosts which I assume means you lose if you make pac man face it. But I dont remember what happened :frowning: sorry.
Best bit…spoiler warning….it plays the pac man jingle!!!!!!!!! Y'know when you start a level? Yeah that! I want to say I heard other sounds as well from pac-man but I might have imagined it.

All the units were fresh and babies when I picked them up so there wasnt any progress. When the games start there's a close up of the tamagotchi, and if I had to guess it was a close up of the baby because it was a blob. So I assume this might change as you get another tama. So super cute close ups could happen."