June 6, 2019

Tamagotchi Meets App ban

As you may know by now, Bandai is currently checking for corrupted data in Tamagotchi Meets and preventing those users who carry corrupted data from connecting the app.

They will soft ban only the Tamagotchi Meets device that contains corrupted data. If you have another Tamagotchi Meets, it will connect without any problem (if it doesn't contain corrupted data).

A message from Bandai

If your Tamagotchi Meets is prevented from connecting to the app, you will get the message below.

Your current tamagotchi might contain corrupted data.
Banned message

Some of you might receive the below message IF ONLY you are idle for certain period. Don't panic when you see this message and think Bandai banned your Tamagotchi Meets ^^

Left Town because there was no access for a certain period.
Timed-out message