November 24, 2019

Tamagotchi Meets/On/썸

Guessing everyone is having at least one of these versions.

Tamagotchi Meets is the Japanese version which starts all the hype of going on app to get marry for the genes you want all over the world.
It has Magical, Fairytale, Pastel, Sanrio, Fantasy and the latest Sweets version. (as of Nov 23rd, 2019)

After almost 8 months later, Bandai US released Tamagotchi On which is the English version of Tamagotchi Meets with bluetooth compatible and two versions; Magical and Fairytale

Later in October, Bandai Namco Korea released Tamagotchi Some (썸), the Korean version of Tamagotchi Meets without bluetooth compatible and two versions; Magical and Fairytale with different faceplate designs from Tamagotchi Meets and Tamagotchi On.

With these region/country releases, everyone will be asking "Are they compatible?" "Can they connect with each other?"
The answer is YES.
Look at the connection chart below to learn more.

Tamagotchi M!x, Meets, ON, Some Connection Chart

Tamagotchi Meets, On, Some can connect with each other BUT they can't receive items from devices other than their own languages.

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Enjoy the fun ^^