May 17, 2019

Tamagotchi Re-animated Project

A Tamagotchi Re-animated collab has launched and they are looking for interested artists! Even if you only have enough time to help draw a single frame, your talent is wanted! Below is a quote directly from the project lead:

"Our goal is to recreate the first episode of the Tamagotchi! anime that captures the silly but cute spirit of the franchise, scene by scene, in all kinds of different styles! Every animator gets one clip, and recreates the visuals in any way they want. Each animator will get a spot in the credits along side a drawing of themselves if they provide one! Names will also be present on the screen when their clips are playing. Lately the Tamagotchi series hasn't gotten much recognition from Bandai outside of Japan and because of the success of other reanimated collab before it I wanted to help create something where fans can gather to express their love for the franchise"

For more information check out their excellent Google Doc filled with scene information and examples of other anime collabs in the past.

Tamagotchi! Re-animated Collab Doc

If you have any interest, please reach out to them by filling out the following form: Sign-up Form

You can also follow the project on Twitter! and show them your support!