July 7, 2020

Video Guide: Fix Flickering Screen on Tamagotchi Ps

Howdy Tama fam!

I've heard a lot lately about screen flickering issues on the Tamagotchi Ps, even when they've been opened NIP.

I spent the other weekend documenting a fix to put in video form. It's a difficult issue to capture on video due to the refresh rate of the iPhone vs. what you see in real life, so you may have difficulty seeing the flickering on video (though it's real noticeable at the 3:35 mark).

I can't express my thanks enough to Immytchi and Tiktoktchi for graciously donating Tamagotchi Ps and iDLs that were used for documenting this fix. With Tamagotchis getting older each year, more and more are affected by this problem so I believe having this documented is a huge help to the community. If you wouldn't mind giving their Tama IG's a follow as a small thanks, I'd greatly appreciate it.

As for the fix itself, you will need to order a replacement capacitor (incredibly cheap). Here's the shop link I used

If the manufacturer above doesn't ship to your country, here are the four specs for the capacitors you need to order:

1) 220uF
2) 10 Volts
3) 85 Celsius max operating temp
4) "Radial" termination style.